Israel with  Ami  Giz is something for everyone, any age, and  religionwho like enjoy  the  best  of Israel .
Whether you have been to Israel before or this is your first time, traveling around Israel with an Israel  Private Tour Guide  is always very  interesting and  tasty.  
 Tailor made program and  hotels made especially for you according to guidelines set by your needs, budget and time , will give you the flexibility and convenience that you deserve.

Israel has many hiddenplaces secrets and tastes that only experienced and knowledgeable guide can take you there.

Ami explores Jerusalem in depth and shows in a captivating way the might of Mt Moriah, Golgotha, David’s Tomb, the Via Dolorosa and not least the wonders of fresh coriander, the ripe figs and the luscious spinach leaves. All these he knows where to purchase and he also prepares gourmet meals with these spices enhancing the goodness of Jerusalem’s produce.

Ami’s love for the City and all its inhabitants and his concern for the need to preserve at all times peaceful coexistence, all these he sees as his mission and is expressed daily and hourly in his guiding. Ami elaborates on the importance of all the city’s builders along the many generations and sees that by his guidance tourists will meet the inhabitants unhindered and most importantly realizing that this is a city holy to all three religions. All this is pivotal for maintaining mutual respect and the quest for peace.

Last  ...  Israel  with  Ami  is  not  just  a  tour  ....  you  really  gonna  smell and  feel  it !!!

So  you  are  welcome  for  your   a  full  scene  experience with one  of   Israel  Best  Private  Guides.

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