"Ten portions of beauty came down to the world, nine went to Jerusalem, and one to the rest of the world".  With  Israel  Private  Guide  you  gonna  experience like  no body  else . Jerusalem is where everything started: From  the  promise  to  Abraham and   the chosen place for  David's.  From  King Solomon's first temple, and for the golden age of the second temple and King Herod. This tour starts the City of David archaeological site, through First Temple excavations and the foundation surrounding the royal daily life of King David, to a walk in the ancient Hezakaia Tunnel  built 2,700 years ago to bring water to Jerusalem in the times of the Assyrian siege. Then walking on a street from the days of the Second Temple up to the Western Wall,

Lets  enter  to  the  Muslim  Quarter   and  walk  through the  via  Dolorosa all  the  way  up  to  Jaffa gate  .

on  this  tour  we  might  enjoy  fresh  juices , creamy  Hummus  and  Falafel  and  much  more  .

you  are  all  welcome  .

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