Judea Wine and  Tastes Tour

We start our tour at ''Beit Jamal'', a monastery that memorizes Stefanus, the first Martyr. There we will meet old methods of wine making . I really like this place because of the Byzantine atmosphere and the great brandy we shall taste to clear our mind early in the morning.

From there, a short drive will bring us to ''Dir Raffat Winery", a modern winery which is operated by Christian brothers who moved here from the Galilee . We shall taste several great wines from deep and smoked Chardonnay - up to Ruby Cabernet . The scenery from the vineyard is impressive and there we shall talk about David and Goliath and Samson the hero. 
From here we get to one of Israel's top Wineries –"Clos De Gat". For more than an hour we will get a superb wine tasting - a proof that Israel is one of the best wine producers around the world.

Our next stop is ''Judea Winery '' . We are going to meet Avi, the winemaker .In my humble opinion, this guy is the best ''Shiraz'' maker throughout Israel. Avi will host us for more than an hour and we are going to taste and discuss more than 8 different wines and blends.

I suggest a Hummus break at the Arabic village of " Abu Gosh" -  a village which is well known by their hospitality and authentic Palestinian kitchen. 
We are going to climb up to one the most beautiful modern villages un the area named "Har Adar". By the entrance, in the forest, located a unique 'Wood Sculptures Garden. We are going to meet with some artists from the village who will share their workshop project with us.

We will enter Har Adar  to meet a wonderful family, Ravinian,  who makes the highest  Merlo Wine in Israel by any point… They will host us for wine and goat cheese tasting. Then  
we will end the tour by having an Arabic coffee and homemade cakes at my home  . 
Extras fees 
Lunch at Abu Gosh is not included , 35- 70 NIS. PP 
At '' Clos de Gat'' and ''judea Winery'', 35 NIS for wine tasting (which will be free if purchasing wine).
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