“Ami Giz: Wonderful Private Tour Guide”

My husband and I booked a private tour to Israel through Big Five Tours and Expeditions. Our Israeli guide was Ami Giz. Throughout our eight days together, we found Ami to be energetic and informative, and felt very comfortable discussing the cultural and religious aspects of every sight and site we visited. He was very straightforward in sharing his views of modern Israel, which made us feel comfortable asking him straightforward questions. Beyond that, he had a never-ending supply of restaurant suggestions, whatever our mood, from high-end restaurants, to family-run lunch spots, right down to the best falafel stands. (One of the high points of our visit to Jerusalem was munching our way through Machne Yehuda market.) Highly recommended.


“Jerusalem and beyond!”
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Just back from having spent two great days with Ami in Israel. Ami was an excellent guide giving us both the historical and modern day history of this amazing country. We started with a walking tour of Jerusalem visiting all of the imporatnt sites and even had some time for a little shopping. The next day we visited Massada, Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. All along the way Ami kept us engaged and entertained (he's quite funny!), Ami was also felxible and was able to adapt his program to what interested us. Hiring a guide was the best idea for these locations becuase you really should be with someone who's experienced and it felt great to not have to worry about most details and logistics while on vacation. Lastly, Ami's experience as a chef guaranteed we wouldn't have a bad meal or get caught in a toursist trap! Five stars all the way!

5 days  to  the  south  with  Israel  Private  Guide
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Ami's knowledge and enthusiasm is infectious. He absolutely loves Israel and his historical knowledge is unsurpassed. He was a well-known chef before becoming a tour guide, so he knows the best places to eat and he seems to know everyone no matter where you go. He lived in San Francisco, so his English is great and he understands customer service. Each day he customized our trip to our interests. We spent 5 days with Ami touring Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the place where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls, Masada, the Dead Sea, Eilat, and the Negev Desert. He also took us on some great hikes and even cooked us dinner one night. We learned so much about current affairs as well. You will not regret hiring fact, he will make your whole trip!! My husband and I can't recommend him highly enough!

“10 days with the best guide in Israel”
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If you want to experience every aspect of the Israel experience Ami is the guide for you! We toured from Haifa to Elat, the Negav, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and all points in between ! Days spent experiencing every aspect of Religion, History, Geology, and gastronomy. Our final afternoon spent marketing for the outstanding dinner Ami prepared for us. Highly recommended would be an understatement!

“Amazing Adventure with Ami!”
​ (from  my  Tripadvisor)​

Our trip to Israel was incredible!! Ami was a great guide. He was reliable, very passionate about Israel and full of energy!! My partner and I are in our late 20's and we wanted to make the most of seeing Israel in our limited about of time, and we did just that. We also enjoy good food and getting the local experience. Ami is an ex-chef so he knows his food very well and we definitely went to places that only a locals would know. We will definitely we back in the near future as we fell in love with Israel.

amiram halevy   (E-mail) 
(16/07/2013 18:12:00) 

We were a group of seasoned and knowledgeable Israelis; thinking nothing can surprise about Jerusalem and its history.
Well; we were proven wrong by our tour guide- Ami Giz. 
Very wrong in fact. 
The old city is actually not the old city. David citadel is not David citadel. Jaffa and Damascus gates are not the actual gates etc. 
We learnt how little we actually know about Jerusalem – our capital.
But don’t think that Ami made us feel stupid in the process. We had a hell of good time with him.
Full of juicy stories; jokes; food tastings; colors; people and smells.
The only word of caution is: Ami works on TURBO all the time (both mentally and on foot) and if you can't keep with his him; it's your lose.
He will take to see places no one else will.
An unforgettable day for a group of Israelis from Shoresh Winery. 

wow po   (E-mail) 
(16/06/2013 18:26:00) 

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Sharon Tevet   (E-mail) 
(14/02/2012 11:38:00) 

Hello Ami!

I should have written to you ages thank you, but as usual 
I have travelled to almost every continent, been on hundreds of tours... and never have I encountered such a knowledgeable person who can deliver their content with such passion and personality. You are truly remarkable!! I would like to tell every tourist who visits Israel to book you as their tour guide! It would make their trip undoubtedly the most memorable! AS tourists you allow us to ask many questions and always have the most colorful answers; you are flexible with you times and spontaneous with your plans; You are also punctual!; You are interactive and enthusiastic... your energy and passion is so infectious you can literally “paint history to life again”…….

Thank you so much for every extra bit you added itself was so special!)... For being the unique exceptional person you are.

Warmest regards,

Sharon Tevet

Rachel Fish   (E-mail) 
(14/02/2012 09:59:00) 

עמי שלום
כאחת המשתתפות בסיור בעיר העתיקה (מטעם מעגן) רציתי להודות לך על ההנאה הרבה ממנו.
ההדרכה שלך היית מעולה והוסיפה לי המון !
גם המקומות שאליהם הגענו היו בחלקם חדשים לי (למרות שאני ירושלמית ותיקה.....)
אז שוב תודה ולהתראות בסיורים הבאים .
נ.ב. מסרתי המייל לאחי צבי שיתחיל ללמוד בקורס מורי דרך והוא יצור איתך קשר בעתיד הקרוב
שבוע טוב וד"ש חמה לנורית
רחל פיש

Ilana Frank   (E-mail) 
(14/02/2012 09:56:00) 

עמי בוקר טוב,

בשם ההנהלה והחברים במעגן תשקופת הנני רוצה להודות לך מאד על שהקדשת מזמנך לקיום הסיור בעיר העתיקה ביום חמישי שעבר.
החברים נהנו מאד מהמסלול שאת חלקו לא הכירו ובמיוחד מההסבר המקיף והמקצועי שלך
תודה גם לנורית שהיתה אחראית על המורל.
אנו מאחלים לך המון הצלחה בהמשך


אילנה פרנק Ilana Frank
מנהלת ארגונית ומנהלת תכניות

טלפון: 972-2-6788511+ פקס: 972-2-6792768+

Amanda Toll   (E-mail) 
(13/02/2012 08:04:00) 

Below is a recommendation for your facebook page. Additionally, I am attaching a few photos.
Take care
Ami is competent, knowledgeable, and service oriented. These traits combined with his historical & geographical knowledge, culinary expertise, and love for nature and Israeli culture make him an exceptional tour guide. My family hired Ami for eight days. He brought us to the major tourist attractions including The Wailing Wall, The Holy Sepulcher, and Masada. While at these places, he gave us nuanced historical overviews and explained their current political significance. In addition, he brought us to exquisite places far off the tourist map including gorgeous boutique wineries, whole in the wall authentic restaurants, and hidden archaeological gems.
Know better. Book better. Go better.
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