Jerusalem Tours

Israel and  Jordan Tour
Israel and  Jordan Tour

Hola Friend.

About itinerary as follow by Christian and Multi Culture point of view .(I do not forget the foody)
Day 1
Airport pickup
Old Jaffa
Rotshild Ave.
The old port
The new Tel Aviv white city
Tel Aviv over night.

Day 2
Check Out
Israel Coast
Ceasaria Martima
Megido and Amagrdon
Carmel Mount
Haifa Bahai Gardens
Old Acco
Acco over night

Day 3 
Lower Gallili
Nazaret the city and anuncuation
Cana and 🍷
Gallili over 🌙

Day 4 
Tabirius and surround
Mt.of Beatidudes
Gallili over 🌙

Day 5
Golan Hights
Tel Dan
Lebanon border
Sirien border
🍷 and olive oil...
Gallili over 🌙

Day 6
Jorden Valley
Jorden river Baptize sight
Beit Sheaan
Beit Alfa
Gideon Spring
Sumerian and the Dead sea scrolls
Dead Sea over night

Day 7
Dead sea region
Ein Gedy
Ein Bokek
Dead Sea 🏊
Dead Sea over night

Day 8
Driving to Eilat
Timna Mines and Copper
Red Sea coral beach and 🏊
Eilat over Night

Day 9
Jorden and Petra day tour
Back to Eilat
Eilat over 🌙

Day 10
Driving to Ramon Crater
Ramon Crater 
Mitspe Ramon Overnight

Day 11
Driving to Jerusalem
Avdat the Nabatian
Beer Sheeva
Goat Farm
Jerusalem overnight

Day 12
Jerusalem Old City
Jaffa gate
Christian Quarter
Muslim Quarter
Via Dolorosa
Church of the Holly Seplecure
Jewish Quarter
Last Supper room
Jerusalem over night

Day 13th
Beit Lehem
Ein Karem
Village of John the Baptist
Holocaust Muzium

Day 14th..
Complete up Jerusalem and to the Air port..

This is a general itinerary and I can and might do adjustments on our way
I love the idea that you are foody and we gonna do many Markets and food tasting on our way..

My fee per day is 690 Us Dollars plus my over nights out of Jerusalem

I can provide and assist with hotels bookings as well

What do you think?
Looking forward.
Best regards and wishes from Jerusalem

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