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I was recomended to light a torch - read why !!!
To:  The Headquarters of Government Award Ceremonies, The Information Center


Re: Recommendation for the honor of lighting a torch


We should like to recommend Ami Giz as one of the torch-lighters on the 69th Independence Day Ceremonies since these ceremonies will center around the City of Jerusalem’s 50th  Liberation Anniversary.


Ami Giz was born in Jerusalem in 1960, being the eighth generation, on his Father’s side, who himself was born in the Old City close to the Armenian Quarter.


After having worked as a Chef for many years, Ami chose at the age of 50, to change his vocation, and because of his love for the city of Jerusalem and his wish to explore and focus his interests on this city, he opted for a 2 year course at the Ben Zvi Institute and became a qualified tour guide. Ami specializes in guiding tourists of all religions around the city of Jerusalem.


Ami’s Jerusalem is a place of coexistence, mutual respect, maintenance and study of the city’s many  sites and its heritage, culture and not least its many flavors, smells,  and inhabitants in a way that establishes joint existence and encourages as much as possible those who find their living here including the vendors of herbs in the cotton market and the women seated on the pavement selling fruit .


Ami explores Jerusalem in depth and shows in a captivating way the might of Mt Moriah, Golgotha, David’s Tomb, the Via Dolorosa and not least the wonders of fresh coriander, the ripe figs and the luscious spinach leaves. All these he knows where to purchase and he also prepares gourmet meals with these spices enhancing the goodness of Jerusalem’s produce.


Ami’s love for the City and all its inhabitants and his concern for the need to preserve at all times peaceful coexistence, all these he sees as his mission and is expressed daily and hourly in his guiding. Ami elaborates on the importance of all the city’s builders along the many generations and sees that by his guidance tourists will meet the inhabitants unhindered and most importantly realizing that this is a city holy to all three religions. All this is pivotal for maintaining mutual respect and the quest for peace.


Ami deserves to light a torch on the day celebrating the city as a representative of the tour guides who visit this holy place daily and who plant the seed of love in so many, and also in the name of those who explore Jerusalem and discover again and again a new hidden corner, an interesting spice, and have friendly chats about politics with a new found friend in the city.


Ami is an outstanding tour guide, precisely because he regards his work in Jerusalem as a cultural mission and this means much more to him than merely earning a living. He deserves this honor due to his daily efforts of love and dedication.

And this is from Haarets Newspaper about my Tel Aviv Tours

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